Raven - cast paper original


"Raven" 12" X 12" outside mat and frame dimensions

Cast handmade paper original - hand painted

Ravens have always been the bad boys of Mythology. According to Greek lore they were once white and turned black as punishment for lying. They have been associated with death and the afterlife, most likely because they eat carrion. Ravens have a symbiotic relationship with wolves, spotting prey and feasting on the leftovers.
Odin had two ravens,Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory) who flew far and wide gathering information and reporting back to him. Odin was also known as Hrafna-Gud, the God of the Ravens. The Valkyres , Odin's daughters, could shape shift into ravens.

Paper Casting
Paper casting is to me the perfect medium. It allows me use almost every skill set. A typical piece begins as a drawing or two. Then I sculpt it in wax. This is a long refining process and often the image sculpted is far different that the drawing. Then I build a dam around the wax and pour a rubber mold directly off the surface. A casting is made by pressing wet cotton pulp into the mold and extracting the water. Then I finish the surface.
While every piece that emerges from the mold is about the same, no two are really painted the same. Maybe I would if I could, but the painting process is always in flux. I am always experimenting with ways of mixing colors or washes and hard edge or new pigments. I send about 75% of my time with the painted finishes.

About Mat Options
All Mats are acid free and this work includes the mat of your choice. See the pictures above to select your mat. Your piece will be painted to best match your mat.

About Frame Options
Framed dimensions are 12" x 12"

Matted Only
Just the acid free mats - No Frame.

Black Frames are matte black anodized aluminum frames.

Shipping from United States

All Order is the continental U.S. placed by 12/17 should arrive in time for Christmas.
Each piece is hand made, hand-painted and there is a only 1 to 2 molds for each piece. These are not mass produced!! Please allow up to 7 days to ship, however in most cases items do ship in less than 3 days. If you need the item by a certain date please let me know and I will do everything I can to accommodate.


I guarantee complete satisfaction on every piece. In the rare event that something is not satisfactory please contact me and I will exchange or refund. I can only refund to the original purchaser, I will only exchange items received as gifts.

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